A public speaking and communications consultant in the entertainment industry for over 35 years, David Kagen has worked with actors at the top of the profession including Alec Baldwin and Ted Danson, as well as top studio and television producers, political campaign consultants, lawyers, quality control engineers, customer service personnel, professors, public school teachers, clergy, CEO's, managers and employees. Our training courses include conflict resolution, team building, manager and leadership training, management  communication skills, as well as all forms of public speaking and presentation training.

We keep things simple! Where other management and public speaking coaches tell their clients 20 things to fix, we tell our clients the one thing that fixes those 20 things.
Each of us can be a uniquely compelling communicator. It is very powerful, indeed, when we are able to use our unique qualities in expressing our ideas and the issues about which we are passionate.

I help my clients unlock the power they have to express who they are and what they stand for, enabling them to build good business relationships while getting the results they want and making the personal contribution they really want to make.

David Kagen

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